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Directed by Rajshri Production & produced by Vinod Kapri and Kamal Kumar. Music by Anu Malik, Sameer Anjum & Anuradha Sriram.Story: 3 friends—Jai, Jiya and Ganga go to Munga's Restaurant. Munga has only one sister, Roma, who is married. She is a widow, and her husband is very ill. She has a daughter, who has been suffering from a disease for many years. Her father-in-law has no problem with her dying. So, he has not given her treatment. One day, Jai meets his friend Ravi, who tells him that Ravi and his friends are planning to get the girl's jewellery and then get her to the hospital. On the same day, Jiya also meets Ravi. He is surprised that Jiya has grown up. Both of them plan to abduct the girl. Meanwhile, Ganga calls Roma to the city to buy something. While coming back home, they are accompanied by a driver, who has a child in the car with him. Both Jai and Jiya take the car from the driver and end up in a jungle. Here, Jiya is abducted by Ravi. On seeing this, Jai follows Ravi in the jungle. In the meantime, Ravi has beaten the driver and his child to death. And he drives away in his car with Jiya in the car. Jiya gets out of the car and Ravi runs towards the bushes. Jiya is taken to a house by the girl, who has also escaped from the car. She is taken to a room and locked. Jiya gives her a cushion and tells her not to worry. She tells him that she will be gone in a few minutes. But Ravi enters the house and sees the boy in the car with his mother. The boy calls out to his mother, but she is not there. Ravi holds a knife and then goes to the car. He tries to open the car's door, but the boy stops him. Ravi tells him that the woman is not his mother, and the boy says that he is her brother. And the boy is his brother. Meanwhile, Jai reaches the house and is shocked to see that the car is gone. He and Jiya go to the room and find that the girl is missing. And the boy is also not there. Ravi enters the room and notices the boy. He says that the woman




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Hardiljopyarkaregafullmoviefreedownload ullmoni

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